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Volume: III Issue: 15

December 19th, 2009



JHS Holiday Gathering

Night to Remember

The Imprint

Class of 1979 Celebrates at 30-Year Reunion

2nd Night at the Races

CLASS OF 1990 Reunion



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Dear Jay,  


We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.  At this time of the year we all are looking forward to having family & friends in for the holidays.  Most of us have been very fortunate.  We want to wish you all a very safe & happy holiday.


As we make efforts to improve the Alumni newsletter & website, it has come to our attention that some of our alumni are not receiving the newsletters any longer.  Either their email addresses have changed or were lost in the transition. 


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2nd Annual JHS Alumni Dance 

will be held the weekend before the Superbowl,

at the Skybar above Saints

located on 131 Breckenridge Ln. in St Matthews

The doors will open at 8:00 pm.

with the band starting 9:00 pm.,


the band will be Cato Watts


Mike Fess class of 1970.


Advance tickets are only $15 per person or $20 at the door.  


Come on out, meet up with some 'ole friends for a real good time.





JHS Holiday Gathering 

By: Doug Weede

Once again, for what is probably the tenth year, we have organized a holiday gathering for J'town High alumni.  In the past, the Class of 1970 made up most of the attendees. 

This year we are inviting all J'town High graduates. 

The location is the same as last year:  Saints at 131 Breckenridge Lane (about 200 feet from the corner of Breckenridge Lane and Shelbyville Road-right side of the street going towards Shelbyville Road).  As you enter the front door on Breckenridge Lane take a left and we will be in the "pool" room.  Saints has reserved a section for our use.  They offer a full food menu and cash bar. 

We will meet beginning at 7PM on 12/26/09 (Saturday).  Please stop by either for a drink and to say hello or for the whole night. 

PLEASE RSVP its not mandatory, just would be fun to know, plus it will help to make sure we have enough room.

Spread the word.  This promises to be a great evening and a lot of fun; especially the part where people get on top of the pool tables and other tables and begin to dance.  To recap past "table dance" performances here are the totals:
3 broken legs
2 broken wrists
12 arrests for indecent exposure
47 bruised egos
8 free passes to the Denny Terrio school of disco dancing
3 auditions for the James Brown (Godfather of Soul) dance revue





Fine Arts Auditorium Dedication & Inaugural JHS Hall of Fame Induction

By: Myra Fugate

On Saturday, November 14, 2009, the cavernous, seldom-used Industry Lab was remodeled into a stately auditorium.  Two years of planning, fund raising, and designing finally came to fruition.  At last Jeffersontown High School has a space to showcase the performances of the choir, orchestra, and band.  Our new drama teacher will have a stage for her performances.  For the first time in our history, we have an auditorium!  

However, this could not have happened without the dedication of many alumni, beginning with the architectural design of Alan Stogsdill, class of 1980.  Charlie Tritle, class of 1972, produced a competitive fund raising spark which encouraged many graduates to contribute.  The donor names are listed on a plaque displayed in the auditorium.

On the same evening , the alumni  association presented its first Hall of Fame members.  Those inducted were


JHS Hall of Fame Inductee - Jackie Love

 Jacqueline Love, class of 1976


JHS Hall of Fame Inductee - Matthew Keith

Matthew Keith, class of 1984


JHS Hall of Fame - Vincent "John" Ruck III

John Ruck, class of 1975


JHS Hall of Fame Inductee - Rodney T. Foster

Rodney Foster, class of 1983


JHS Hall of Fame Inductee - Cecil Goodloe

Cecil Goodloe, class of 1980


JHS Hall of Fame Inductee - Charles Basil Graff

Charles Graff, class of 1942


JHS Hall of Fame - Fred "Buddy" Roemele

Fred "Buddy" Roemele, class of 1948


JHS Hall of Fame Inductee - William T. Reynolds

William T. Reynolds, principal, 1966-1972


 JHS Hall of Fame Inductee - Richard Haag

Richard Haag, class of 1942


JHS Hall of Fame Inductee - Senator Walter "Dee" Huddleston 

Walter "Dee" Huddleston, class of 1942 

As evidenced from the introduction of each inductee, written by Susan Reynolds Thurman, class of 1973, we can all be proud of the accomplishments of these men and women who have represented us in such an outstanding manner.  We are especially grateful to Jason Malone, class of 1998, who donated the plaques and trophies.  


JHS Alumni Hall of Fame Awards  

JHS Alumni Hall of Fame Awards

The evening which symbolized such an enormous step to the future, could not be complete without a fond look at our past.  Regan Thomas, class of 1978, produced a video retrospective of Jeffersontown High School from 1929-2009.  Debbie Blakeman Robbins, class of 1979, gathered JHS alumni talents and captured moments from many of our past musicals.  The performance reminded us all of the glittering talent Jeffersontown High School has produced over the years.  Jane Rose and Jeannie Batts both returned as a part of the program.  Who better deserves to finally have a stage?  Kathi Lincoln Remmers, class of 1980, acted as Mistress of Ceremonies and Kevin Stammerman, class of 1988, recorded the entire event.


JHS Alumni Choral Ensemble's Performance 

JHS Alumni Choral Ensemble's Performance


JHS Chorus Students performance

JHS Student Chorus Performance


Barber shop quartet performance

Barber shop quartet performance

from the original Music Man school play production


Tamara Stewart on the bagpipe 

Tamara Stewart playing "Scotland the Brave" on the bagpipe

On this night to remember we had an opportunity to recall the talent and the distinguished performances of those who have graced our halls.  Now, because of the dedication of so many Jeffersontown High School alumni, we will be able to showcase many spectacular moments yet to come.


The DVD which contained the JHS Through the Decades picture presentation

& the JHS HALL of FAME Inductees Loop pictures, is available.

It was produced by Regan Thomas, Class of 1978

of 2-Thomases Video Productions


Plus the DVD of the complete evenings ceremonies is also available,

It was filmed & produced by Kevin Stammerman, Class of 1988. 

of 852FX Video Services, 

a sample of Kevin's video with highlights of the ceremony can be seen here

JHS Hall of Fame & Fine Arts Auditorium sample video

    Both of these DVDs are available for purchase on store, beginning Sunday December 20th, 2009.

They will be $15 each or get both for a special price of $25, with proceeds benefiting the Jtown Alumni Association.




Memories, Life Lasting

By Stephanie Stone (JHS student) 
Last year Beth Vandeer Meer thought it would be a genius idea to start up the trusty 'ol Imprint paper that hadn't been thought about for many, many years. To say the least, the progress that has been made through this idea has been more than ideal. Currently, we have a site up which can be accessed at
The Jeffersontown High
 School Newspaper - The Imprint 
It's safe to say that every student and alumni at Jeffersontown High School has memories that they will never be able to forget. That is why I would like for you to share one or more of those memories. To share with all the current students at J-Town High School, through our wonderful resurrected Jeffersontown High School Imprint newspaper.


The format to send in your memories is shown below.
Year Graduated:






Class of 1979 Celebrates at 30-Year Reunion

By Alice Flaherty Robinson

On September 25-27, J-town's "last graduating class of the 70's" held their 30-year reunion.    Thanks to modern technology, over 200 classmate email addresses were found and over 170 classmates are part of the Class of 79 Facebook group, which made communication much easier!  Our Class of 79 friends who ended up graduating from Central or Catholic High School were also invited to attend the reunion. 


We were especially pleased that all of the 1979 Class Officers were in attendance:  Dwight Robinson, Bill Robinette, Tim Eckert, Kelly Elder Jordan, Robert Caudill, and Danny Sauer.  Friends traveled from Florida, Tennessee, South Carolina, California, and as far away as the Virgin Islands!


 JHS Class of 1979 - Class Officers

Class of 1979 Senior Class Officers - Yearbook Picture

(left to right) Kelly Elder Jordan, Robert Caudill, Bill Robinette (sitting), Danny Sauer, Dwight Robinson, Tim Eckert

The weekend started with "Class of 79" night at the Jeffersontown High School homecoming football game Friday night, coordinated by Myra Fugate, followed by a get-together at The Blue Mule.  Although it was a rainy night, there was a good turnout and everyone had a great time!


Saturday morning activities started with a golf scramble at Indian Springs Golf Club, coordinated by Class President Dwight Robinson.  The winning team included Steve Kennedy, Mark Jordan, Chas Stephens, and Joe Waldron, although they won by just one stroke!


Saturday afternoon, J-town Alumni Terry Riggs and Connie Herr Bush led us on a tour of J-town High School.  Some things were very familiar, but some things were very different.  Our group was one of the first to see the new finished auditorium before it was officially dedicated.  It was really a blast from the past for people to see the old TV math room, the band room, the "old" gym, the "new" gym (now "Zwicker Gymnasium!") the locker rooms, and the stage where "Hello Dolly" and other memorable shows were performed.  

 Class of 1979 30 year reunion - School Tour

School Tour

(left to right)

Front row: Robin Monin Greschel, Kevin House, Alice Flaherty Robinson, Lori Morrison Morris, Rick Leitner, Leigh Poythress Wilson

Middle row: Marcy Smith, Shari Dengg Whittle, Gary Pyles, Melanie Hostetter Gantzer, Charles Wolford

Back row: Carolyn Wesley Thompson, Dwayne Towles, Dawn Wilson, Greg Maddox, Kelly Elder Jordan


The main reunion event was held Saturday night at the Louisville Marriott East.  We had a fantastic turnout, with many people paying at the door (resulting in money in the bank for our next reunion!).  Dwayne Towles helped to prepare and present a slideshow of photo memories, which included memorials to our deceased classmates. 


JHS Class of 1979 Reunion Pictures (left to right)

Barbara, Kit, Kim, Erin

 Barbara Zwicker Pifer, Kit Taylor Tolbert, Kim Pass Zimlich,

Erin Church Sherman


 Class of 79 30yr Reunion - Gary Pyles, Scott Bradford, Bill Smither

Gary Pyles, Scott Bradford, Bill Smither


Class of 79 30yr  Reunion - Todd Colvin, Kim Pass Zimlich

Todd Colvin, Kim Pass Zimlich


30yr Reunion - L Driskell LaFollette - K Lyons Brinkhaus - D Wilson 

 Leesa Driskell LaFollette, Kristy Lyons Brinkhaus, Dawn Wilson

We were fortunate to be entertained by classmates Robert Caudill, Jeff Rehmet, Debbie Blakeman Robbins, Susan Berry Ryan and Chris Block who performed a variety of hits from the 70's along with guest musicians (also  J-town graduates) Starr Blakeman Block, Mark Head, and Brian Spradlin.  We won't soon forget Debbie Blakeman Robbins singing Donna Summer's "Hot Stuff", Chris Block singing "Brick House" or the hilarious afro wigs worn by the band!!! 

Class of 1979 30 year Reunion - Band

Reunion Entertainment - The Band (left to right) Chris Block,

Robert Caudill, Susan Berry Ryan, Jeff Rehmet, Starr Blakeman Block,

Brian Spradlin, Debbie Blakeman Robbins, Mark Head


Another highlight of the reunion was the attendance of some of our former teachers including Peggy Kinsell (formerly Land), Nancy Walsh, Margaret Harrison, Jim Jordan, Bruce Lange, and Rick Shaw.  Thanks to a recommendation from Nancy Walsh, the Class of 79 wrote down their get well wishes, thoughts and memories and mailed them to former teacher Karmen Bush, who is currently battling cancer and was unable to attend the reunion.  Overall, I would say it was very much a success since I left at 1:30 a.m. and things were still going strong!


On Sunday, the reunion activities were completed with a relaxing family picnic hosted by Chas Stephens, Kim Laramore, and Cheri Willinghurst.


Picnic -  Don Klarer - Melanie Hostetter Gantzer - Kevin House

Picnic -  Don Klarer - Melanie Hostetter Gantzer - Kevin House


Mike Lawson - Marilyn Ritz Wheeler - Robin Monin Greschel

Picnic - Mike Lawson - Marilyn Ritz Wheeler - Robin Monin Greschel

We had a lot of help and would like to offer special thanks to:

·         Renee Ernspiker Clark (Class of 78) and the UPS Store for printing our directory booklet.

·         Allan Ryan (Class of 78), Dwayne Towles, Susan Berry Ryan, and Duplicator Sales & Service for printing the nametags.

·         Jackie Yenowine, JHS Class of 2002, for being our photographer.  Please support her business:

·         Myra Fugate, the J-town Alumni Association and Jay Bailey (Class of 78) for helping spread the word about our reunion.

·         Cheryl Dugan, JHS Class of 1982, for coordinating the details at the Louisville Marriott East.

·         Class of 78 alumni who worked our registration table:  Laura Flaherty Schulte, Connie Herr Bush, and Missy Shuck.


We are encouraging all Class of 79 members to stay in touch on Facebook!





2nd Night at the Races

At Churchhill Downs

We are making plans for another wonderful night at the races.  It promises to be fun, like last years event.

Make plans to join us on Millionaires row.  We have engaged in talks with the track, tentatively planning on Friday June 25th, 2010, for our night at the races.  Details will be confirmed soon. 





20 year Class Reunion 

The class of 1990 has begun planning for their 20 Class Reunion.  Please forward this newsletter to anyone from the Class of 1990.  Join their Facebook Group .





Kroger cards

If you are, you can help us earn 4% of each of your bills.  We can send you a rechargeable card that you can use to pay for your groceries, gas,  or prescriptions.  Kroger automatically sends us the 4%!  This has been a great fund raiser in the past raising $919.63 in refunds over the last three years. We have cards available for use now.   

Please contact Myra Fugate at for information. 




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